About the handling of personal information

1. Our basic stance on the handling of personal information

We hereby declare our policies of protecting our candidates and clients personal information, and also will ensure that every of our officers, employees and other parties in relation are well informed, and will work on to practice, maintain and improve these policies.

Our means of collecting personal information are protected under the Japanese Government’s Laws.
Those who violates our regulations of distributing and disclosure of candidates personal information will be taking full accounts for your actions.

We will notify our candidates if that event occurs to their information.

2. Disclosure of targeted personal information and its purpose

  1. Assisting first-time Registering Users

   ・Support users registration (including reception on first-time registration)
   ・Support Application and Job placement processes
   ・Providing information about our services / future campaigns /seminars
   ・Collecting feedback to improve our services
   ・Answering questions regarding our company’s performances
   ・Other issues in regards

  2. Assisting Re-employment Users

   ・Support users registration and application process
   ・Execution of reemployment support process
   ・Other issues in regards

  3. General contact

   ・To be used for the provision of our services and the related information
   ・Contract creating procedures
   ・Sales and transaction procedure
   ・Collecting feedback to improve our services
   ・Consultations with our company
   ・Other issues in regards

  4. Registration to receive our Newsletter/ Sending Inquiries

  Your personal information will be used to carry out inquiries, applications, receptions and operations regarding:

   ・Collecting and management of feedback
   ・Providing guidance information regarding our service
   ・Creating and management of data and statistics

  5. Applying to companies

   ・Provision of assistance during application process
   ・Communication purpose (between Directory Japan and the candidate)
   ・Other issues in regards

  6. Executive, employee and retiree information

   ・General affairs and personnel and labor management
   ・Other issues in regards

3. Optionality of providing personal information

The provision of personal information to the Company is optional, but if it is not possible to provide sufficient personal information, it may not be possible to achieve the purpose of use in paragraphs 1 and 2.

4. Consignment of personal information

We may provide your personal information to companies that meet the personal information protection standards established by our company within the scope of the purpose of use in paragraphs 1 and 2.

5. Third-party provision of personal information

Personal information held by our company will not be provided to third parties except in the following cases

    1. With the consent of the person
    2. Allowed by the laws

6. About the disclosure etc. of your personal information

Notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, modification, suspension of usage, termination of usage, termination of provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure”) of personal information of will be made by Directory Japan, if any.

We will notify the person about the disclosing procedure once it is requested.

Our Customer Service team members will be in contact with you to handle your requests.

7. Contact us

For Inquiries about personal information, complaints and consultations, please contact us via:

<Consultation counter> privacy@directoryjapan.jp


Directory Japan Inc.